Software Lifetime Extension with KronoCore

Extend the lifetime of mission-critical legacy systems securely and efficiently

Medical personal operating a computer

Why choose KronoCore?

Cyberus Technology is your strategic partner, attuned to the complexities of extending legacy systems' lifespans

Unparalleled compatibility

Run existing software on modern hardware and eliminate concerns about compatibility issues.

Mitigate hardware failure risks

Decouple software from physical hardware to maintain productivity.

Future-proof investments

Prepare for workload consolidation, secure backups, and upcoming security regulations.

Seamless transition

Lift-and-shift migrate individual systems one-by-one for continuous operation.

Use cases

KronoCore ensures successful business operations in a variety of environments

Legacy System Preservation for Manufacturing


A manufacturing firm relies on a specialized legacy software for its operational management. Their hardware has reached the end of its life but the systems lack support for modern hardware.


KronoCore extends the software’s life, preserving its functionality and data integrity, while enhancing security protocols, ensuring continuous, efficient, and secure operations without the need for extensive retraining or significant investment.

Enhanced Security for Financial Systems


A bank is seeking to improve the security of its legacy financial transaction systems without a full overhaul.


With KronoCore, the bank seamlessly boosts its cybersecurity protocols, safeguarding sensitive data, and transactions from modern threats, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

Healthcare Data Protection


A hospital plans to extend its IT services, improving the overall on-site connectivity. The central data management system contains critical patient records but it doesn't keep up with modern security requirements.


KronoCore not only ensures the continued functionality of the system but elevates its security measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring patient confidentiality and system compliance with healthcare data protection regulations.

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