An open-source Hypervisor, usable for safety and security

Build mission-critical solutions on open-source Virtualization technology

What's in the box

No more memory-related CVEs

Cyberus Hypervisor utilizes memory-safe languages, such as Rust, whenever possible. About 80% of CVEs are ultimately the fault of memory management gone wrong. Using languages that do not allow for manual memory management ensures you never have to deal with those CVEs.

Unparalleled Compatibility

Cyberus Hypervisor builds on the Linux open-source eco-system. This enables great compatibility and a rich experience for developers building on Linux.

Certification Documentation

Need to certify your solution? We provide all the necessary documentation regarding virtualization and hardware interaction of our product.

Seamless transition

Our professional service packages help you to get started today.

Secure Compartments with enclosed

Discover how we enable true multi-tenancy with ease.


enclosed allows users to focus on what they want to achieve. Describe VMs and communication channels between these VMs, free from the clutter of irrelevant details and rest assured these are the only communication channels.

Automated Isolation

With enclosed, the burden of ensuring VM isolation is lifted from the user. The system automatically handles segmentation of system resources, such as CPUs, memory, network devices, ensuring that VMs within different compartments remain securely isolated by default. There is no potential for oversights.

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