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Cyberus Technology is a German software company with headquarters in Dresden and employees all over Germany.

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Our team consists of highly qualified professionals adept in a wide range of technical disciplines. These skills have become a hallmark of our success, contributing to our ability to deliver outstanding results across various industries.

Nix and NixOS

Nix-powered reproducible build environments boost the productivity of our software developers. The declarative approach simplifies deployment and maintenance processes for our IT administrators as well. Its welcoming community brings our solutions to larger audiences.

Low-level systems engineering

Our low-level engineers possess a deep understanding of hardware and system software. Boot mechanisms, kernel modules, and performance optimizations: We have the experience to deliver customized solutions for a variety of software projects.

Test automation

Our testing team enables automated testing of low-level code on all supported hardware platforms for every code change in real-time. It is ideally suited for hardware regression testing and facilitates early defect detection, minimizing regression feedback time.


General Availability of Cyberus Secure Virtualization Platform
SVP has been certified for use with classified information by the German BSI 2021

Secunet has adopted our fast and flexible Secure Virtualization Platform (SVP) as the base platform of SINA Workstation. SINA Workstation is a secure workstation designed for modern working in Public Administration.

NSA’s Best Scientific Cybersecurity Research Paper Award
"Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution" 2020

The National Security Agency’s Research Directorate selected a paper co-authored by our team members as the winner of its 8th Annual Best Cybersecurity Research Paper competition.

Discovery of Meltdown & Spectre

Our founders Thomas Prescher and Werner Haas were involved in the discovery of severe security vulnerabilities which affect a wide range of modern processors.


A group of highly experienced professionals, who had previously worked at Intel and FireEye, decided to establish their own business. Drawing from their background in the tech industry, the founders recognized the importance of virtualization technology in the IT world. They set off to create low-level cyber-security solutions without relying on venture capital funding.