Cyberus Technology

Company at a Glance

Cyberus Technology is a German cyber security software company with employees based in Dresden, Braunschweig and Bamberg.
Cyberus Technology delivers low-level hardware-near cyber security mechanisms.
The core technology is SuperNOVA - a secure microhypervisor with advanced virtual machine introspection (VMI) capabilities.

The Cyberus team offers technical expertise in C++ programming, operating systems design, microkernel-hypervisors, virtualization technology, VMI and CPU/processor architecture and hardware-level cyber-security hardening.


The founding team has around fifty years combined experience working in various engineering and management functions at Intel USA, Intel Germany Microprocessor Labs, Bell Labs, and Fireeye Corp.

Florian Pester

Florian Pester, Dipl. Inf.

Head of Business Development

Jacek Galowicz

Jacek Galowicz, M.Sc.


Markus Partheymüller

Markus Partheymüller, Dipl. Inf.

Engineering Manager

Thomas Prescher

Thomas Prescher, Dipl. Inf.

Chief Architect

Tor Lund-Larsen

Tor Lund-Larsen, MBA, M.Sc. EMPA


Werner Haas

Werner Haas, Dipl. Ing.