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Nix and NixOS

Nix-powered reproducible build environments boost the productivity of our software developers. The declarative approach simplifies deployment and maintenance processes for our IT administrators as well. Its welcoming community connects our solutions with larger audiences.

Low-level systems engineering

Our low-level engineers possess a deep understanding of hardware and system software, boot mechanisms, kernel modules and performance optimizations. We have the experience to deliver customized solutions for a variety of software projects.

Test automation

Our testing team enables automated testing of low-level code on all supported hardware platforms for every code change in real-time. It is ideally suited for hardware regression testing and facilitates early defect detection, minimizing regression feedback time.

Build reproducible systems

Nix and NixOS

Nix is an essential building block at Cyberus. It drives our daily productivity and we are actively participating in its community.

Secure Boot

UEFI Secure Boot protects computers from booting malicious software. We participated in the development of the Nix tooling for Secure Boot: lanzaboote.

Reproducible benchmarks

Our benchmarks run without human interaction. They start a virtual machine and simulate customer workloads. All in a reproducible manner - the times of passing manually crafted OS images from one developer to another are over.

Nix packaging

We develop in C++, Rust, and Haskell and package all projects with Nix.

Unlock Quality in Software Products

Cidoka: CI/CD meets Jidōka

Cidoka is both a philosophy and our software engineering methodology

Minimize structural release delay

Ship earlier by reducing the delay between software developers finishing a feature and obtaining confidence that the feature has achieved customer quality grade.

Minimize regression feedback time

Minimizing the time spent on defect detection and fixing is crucial when production stops on every defect discovery.

Assure quality synchronously to software development

Automate procedures so that developers get instant feedback upon changes. The Q/A department can focus on discovering new corner cases.

Test Automation

Our automated testing framework supports the Cidoka approach to stop production when an error is detected.

On-Hardware Testing

Test low-level system software directly on bare metal.

Speed & CI Integration

Incorporate tests in your CI/CD pipeline. They can be triggered for every commit and results can be inspected before any code merge happens.


Run tests on all supported hardware platforms. Add multiple machines of the same type to improve throughput.

Catch a glimpse of test automation at Cyberus

We prioritize physical hardware testing across our supported platforms. Each feature undergoes individual checks during its development, and our complete test suite is a crucial part of our CI/CD pipeline.

Engineering support

Low-level systems engineering

Our teams consists of experts for boot flows, operating systems, driver development and virtutalization technologies.

Graphics Virtualization

Enable highly performant graphics in virtual machines via GVT, SR-IOV or PCI pass-through.

Low-level Rust development

Modernize your technology stack with Rust. Lift embedded projects, create new kernel modules or develop UEFI components with a memory-safe language.

Device models for VMMs

Use custom device models in VMMs, such as QEMU or Cloud Hypervisor.

We are here to help!

We offer professional services around virtualization, low-level Linux engineering and operating system development. We can also help with test automation projects.