NixOS for IoT

Build your next IIoT project on NixOS

Running IoT projects on NixOS is a breeze

Why choose NixOS for IIoT?

NixOS is a fast-growing declarative, modular Linux distribution. You'll only get what you truly need.


Benefit from just declaring what you want and let Nix figure out the rest.


NixOS is reliably maintained by the upstream community. Benefit from additional testing for your use-case in our enterprise offerings.


Gain the ability to build your system just as you did today for the coming years, even decades if need be.

Seamless transition

Our professional service packages help you get started today.

IIoT Use cases

Digital Signage

Build digital signage systems with ease. NixOS's small footprint and get what you truly need philosophy makes it the perfect choice for secure signage systems.

Network Appliances

From routers, to switches to Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems: Appliances today need a small, secure, static base system and flexible, feature-rich user-visible components. With its flexible, declarative approach NixOS helps you combine both.

Smart City

Keep distributed devices managed and up-to-date.

Smart Home

Benefit from simple, low-cost development and deployment for consumer devices.

How we help

Cyberus Technology helps you achieve your goals and NixOS proficiency faster.

Professional Services

Get a jumpstart and benefit from our expertise

Rapid Prototyping

Rapidly validate your idea, based on a reproducible prototype platform. Includes everything you need to run your hardware.

IoT Device Management

Get dedicated central device management with automated over-the-air updates set up and running.

Packaging Service

Get your own software packaged and modularized as nixpkgs and NixOS modules. Starts with a kick-off workshop to understand requirements and dependencies.

Worry-free Jumpstart

Start with a nix training session by our experts and get your software packaged with our help. Trains your team on-the-job for maximum efficiency.

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