Cyberus KronoCore

Extend Your Mission-Critical Software's Lifetime

Overcome incompatibilities with modern technologies. Bridge the gap between legacy software and modern hardware, ensuring seamless integration and interaction with latest innovations.

Extend the lifetime of business-critical software

Industry 4.0

Use NixOS for your next IIoT project

Building on modern foundations

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating industry leading practices

Benefit from built-in reproducibility

Being able to re-build a binary exactly the way it was built earlier is great for making sure things truly work, for debugging, and for security.

Describe what you need with declarative configuration

The power of Nix, NixOS, and its module system allows for unparalleled development speed.

Unparalleled Quality

The built-in, batteries-included Integration Testing framework is the perfect tool to make sure what you build does what you want.

We're here to help!

We offer professional services around virtualization, low-level Linux engineering and operating system development. We can also help with test automation projects.