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CPU Architecture and Side-Channel Training

Learn About CPU Limitations and Side-Channel Attacks

Low-Level Cyber Security

The number of discovered CPU side-channel attacks is steady growing and are posing ever-growing threat to businesses and governments. Low-level security issues are getting high attention from experts and large organizations. Chip manufacturers are continuously issuing software updates to fix discovered vulnerabilities; however, these measures have only limited effects on improving the security of the CPU chips. The improvements have to be made on hardware level.

Cyberus can provide software level security enhancement that can improve Low-Level cyber security for vulnerable hardware. As co-discoverer of Intel CPU vulnerabilities Meltdown and Lazy-FP Cyberus team has the deep expertise of the chip security issues and can also provide solutions for cyber-attack detection and mitigation.

Low-Level Cyber Security
Test-Driven Software Engineering Training

Test-Driven Software Engineering Training

with Focus on Security and Quality

Software development organizations are putting a lot of work in to implementing best practice Software engineering processes. The typical challenges that organizations are dealing with are:

  • Time Pressure and short deadlines
  • Diversity of engineering skills
  • Software testing and quality
  • Etc.

It can be very challenging for project managers to have all aspects of software development under control, especially when working with low-level programming languages such as C++.

In order to keep product quality and release frequency high, as well as testing costs and software regression low, product teams need to have good software testing skills. Our in-class training teaches test-driven software development. The key benefits of the training are:

  • Reduced software development regression feedback time
  • Higher development speed
  • Improved project planning and predictability

CPU Architecture and Side Channel Training

The latest discoveries in the domain of CPU vulnerabilities demand combined expertise in the areas of software development and CPU architecture. Lack of such knowledge and practical skills can lead to high risks of being victim of ever-growing cyber-attacks.

Cyberus team core competencies are:

  • Understanding general CPU architecture
  • Intel CPUs
  • Microarchitecture

Our team-members are among the discoverers of critical CPU vulnerabilities Meltdown and LazyFP. Our experience-based training can help you:

  • Better understand CPU architecture, side channels, hardware-level attack vectors
  • Audit security-relevant hardware and system-level software configurations
CPU Architecture and Side Channel Training
Software Development Services in C++

Software Development Services in C++

Software development in C++ can be extremely challenging when engineering complex technologies and systems. In many cases, the complexity of the project requires deep technical understanding and practical experience. A reliable software development partner can accelerate your development process and provide creative approach to problem solving.

Cyberus software development experts have proven deep-level software engineering expertise and experience in designing Operating Systems and developing microkernel hypervisors.

Our services include:

  • Development of kernel modules, device drivers, and firmware
  • Advice on hardware interfaces
  • Design and development of microkernel based secure Operating Systems

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